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Service and Repair

Unfortunately it’s inevitable that at some point you’re going to experience a breakdown of one of your appliances, usually at an inconvenient time like a Friday evening, (.....funny how it’s never on a Monday morning....) but as long as help is at hand to get you up and running quickly and hassle free it won’t be the end of the world. We are usually with you within a few hours when possible but normally a maximum of 24hrs away.

It goes without saying that regular service to equipment is essential, it can prevent common breakdown faults, usually caused from blockages, worn seals and general wear and tear as well as keeping the equipment safe. We believe that prevention service works. No-one wants an  appliance to break down at the wrong times, usually to a full restaurant!!! We have many service plan options, starting from one service, charged by the hour, to regular preventive maintenance that can include 3 monthly or 6 monthly service visits. We also carry out Gas Safety Inspections and provide a Commercial Gas Safety Certificate. We are Gas Safe registered for Domestic, Commercial and  Commercial Catering in both Natural Gas and LPG.

There are two major reasons why you should perform regular maintenance and servicing of your Kitchen appliances. The first is obviously the safety aspect. Given the volatile nature of restaurant kitchens, gas, flames etc. it is important that you look at servicing your equipment on a regular basis to ensure your staff safety. Secondly, many items we see in the kitchen are covered in thick fats and dust.

For example, we see many gas appliances and fan units caked covered in fats and dust therefore the machinery is using far too much electricity and possibly not functioning to it’s full potential. By simply servicing and cleaning these units, the savings in power is huge. We are happy to provide servicing and maintenance contracts