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A B Property Services nw  Ltd  have extensive experience in the commissioning and decommissioning of commercial gas pipework and all the associated pipework in the purging process.

Where gas pipework requires to be decommissioned for removal or to undergo modification ,We will inspect and record detailed results i.e pipework volumes,gas meters, purge points and gas appliances, our detailed results will be used to complete a method statement, this will be given to the site engineer before any purging can take place. The safe removal of gas is completed by way of either direct purging with air or indirect purging with nitrogen (dependant on the size and layout of the system).

When your gas pipework purging and/or decommissioning has been completed, we will issue the site engineer with a certificate detailing all the recorded readings. This is your assurance that the work has been completed to a high standard, following rigid guidelines in (IGE/UP/1 and 1A).

In IGE/UP/1 and IGE/UP/1A (Strength Testing, Tightness Testing and Direct Purging of Industrial and Commercial Gas Installations), The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) has laid out clear principles which must be observed whenever a gas supply is to be commissioned or decommissioned, whether a new or an existing installation is involved.  The person making the supply available must ensure that all air and gas, other than the gas to be supplied, is purged from the installation.

AB Property Services nw ltd carry out comprehensive gas testing and purging of commercial gas pipework throughout wigan and the north west.

Our Gas Engineers are trained to deal with all aspects of commercial gas pipework purging whether on new build, refurbishment or decommissioning.

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